Kinky Fight Club is coming to Steam and DLsite!

Hello everyone!I hope you are having a wonderful day! I have amazing news:Kinky FIght Club has been approved for Steam and DLsite(jap)! Which means that once the game is finished it will be sold on the Steam marketplace (among other places), including (probably), Dlsite, and Nutaku.As with any Indie game, wishlists really help theContinue reading “Kinky Fight Club is coming to Steam and DLsite!”

Public version updated to 0.5c

Hello everyone! After testing for various days and having not received any crash or bug repport, and having not crashed on my computer not any of my testers, im happy to update the public version to the 0.5c You can find it on Itch.Io Al always it contains the latest updates: The shop ThemContinue reading “Public version updated to 0.5c”