I havent written here for a bit!

Hello everyone! Im still alive!

i started using Itch.io devlogs to write usual content, and i kind of forget about this blog.

Not really a very smart move, but well, i dont have the best memory. I have been progressing a lot on the game, and im happy to announce that there has been a lot of player-requested features added to the game, and im currently working on adding the next one: a mode where the character’s have to cum three times for their opponent to win (instead of just once.)

I will keep updating this blog as regularly as possible, but for steady updates check the Itch.io: https://mrzgames.itch.io/kinky-fight-club

For those that aren’t up to date, the beta there is updated to 0.6D!

The current Patreon version is 0.7C!

Im aiming at releasing a new update on the 15-17 of this month, adding a few more features, and some nice holidays costumes for the Character Creator!

We also are close to the next Goal! with a few more peeps we will get it! And the patrons are already voting for the next costume! Join us there and vote for the next costume style!

Sorry for not posting here, i really forgot, i have been doing a lot lately, and its not easy managing both gamedev and marketing >_<, speacilly when im getting “close” to a release date, (by close i mean 3-4 months)

anyway, ill be updating the free version soon!

Have a nice weekend!


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