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Hello everyone! 

Its been a crazy month this october, mainly because of the amount of times i had to re-do stuff because i didnt knew how to do it right on the first try >_<. But, im very happy to anounce that the Character Creator is ready!

. So, what’s new? 

The changelog for this version is quite short, but it actually took a lot of work.  (i will say a bit less than the Shops, but more than the character selection).

Character Creator Now you can find the Character Creator in the Extras menu, which has 2 slots for you to create any character you want. For now there are only costume 1 items, with a bit of extra items that arent in characters in the game but that i had already done for future characters. There is also some extra items for Custom Avatars i have made for two awesome Patrons on Diamond Coin tier.  

There are various cameras, you can change them with C , there is a help tab that  you can bring up with H key, and you can hide the UI with ,(coma), and take screenshots with Spacebar. All of this information is in the game.

Character Stats: You can customize the character stats as you like, you have 32 points to spend in any way you want, including not even using them (who doesnt love to get dominated sometimes eh), however leveling any attribute over 15 cost 2 points, with the exception of Aesthetic, who cost 2 points when going over 13. (balance reasons)

The same goes with Weakness and Resistance, if you desire to do not have any of those you can match your weakness and resistance to be the same, and they will cancel out.

If you check the Movements tab you can select the movements for your character to use, on any of the two roles. the Mixed role in versus or arcade just takes random movements from those on your character lists.

When you Click on Battle pose you change your pose in the game, once you found one you like, just leave it there, or press the Idle pose to make easier to keep customizing the character.

New Passive: In the last weeks i read lots of comments about people not really enjoying the Quick Time events, so there is a new passive in the game, – one that was planned for a character that isnt  in the game yet – , this new passive allows you to do not perform the QTEs, essentially playing more like an Jrpg. This grants an advantage, however while having this you dont get the advantage of any other passive ability.

An important sidenote: The save of the characters is independant of the main savegame, in case something goes wrong, you wont lose your main save. (I hope nothing goes wrong, but its better to be safe than sorry)

 If you happen to have any suggestions, or feedback im very happy to receive it.! And as i said some time before, if there is any color variation you would like in the game just hit me up with an example of the color/texture and i will try to add it, so there is something for everyone! On the next version (if there is no need for fixing), i will be including most of the 2nd and 3rd costumes to the character creator. I originally wanted them to be unlockables – as a progression system – , but i cant find a way to make it work right now that it is future-save compatible, so until the very 0.9ish versions, all the items in the customization will be unlocked and free, and i will keep adding stuff as soon as i make/im able.

  And that’s all, once again Thanks to all my wonderfull patrons, they are really helping me become a better (and a real?) gamedeveloper, because now im working three times as much as before in the game!

Have an amazing week!


0.7A Changelog

  • Fixed an code misspell that caused all Pasive role sex movements to be set as the same as the first one selected.

0.7 Changelog

  • When a character is not wearing a part of the outfit now the game will properly register it and not enable to try to remove that part of -non-existen- clothing.
  • Added properly Cum function to differentiate between female/male/futa.
  • Corrected Cum colour, somehow it got changed to brown-ish, now its whiteish again.
  • Corrected the Female cuming voice playing when cumming, that wasnt playing as expected.
  • Fixed a small bug regarding the scaling of succesive uses of the Haste action.
  • Added the missing Patrons names to the credits!
  • Added the Character Creator!, it can be found on the Extras Menu.
  • Added two Custom Character Slots (for the Character Creator).
  • Added one New Passive ability (thats going to be on the next character). Outlaw: with this passive you dont have to perform Quick Time Events when using Dominate or Undress.
  • Added two completely new Custom Skins (with its corresponding clothing parts) to the game, can be found in the Character Creator.
  • Added All the basic items, to the Character Creator, plus some items that are on the database but arent used on any character yet (but are created for future characters!)
  • The Saved Characters are independant on the Main Savegame, in case something goes wrong.
  • Corrected a small typo in the menus.

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