January Objetives!

Hello everyone!
Happy new year!

I hope you are having a wonderful start of the year!

Im very happy with how the community is growing, and how much time i can devote to the game, and it’s all thanks to all of you my amazing supporters!
This month, there will be only one update, as i find a lot easier to not have to worry to make 2 test versions, and everything related to posting an update. I also can focus more on the Story mode, which im like at 17% already, i still have a lot to do there, and if i can focus 50% of the time on that, then ill probably finish the game for the expected release date (may 2020)

So, What’s up for January?

Revamped UI
In order to make all the game UI constant, i have updated the base UI to match the -new- design for the Story mode UI. I wanted to improve to UI for some time now, and i think it definetly looks better now, i hope you all like it.
This was also needed for localization, which im gonna make at least for Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese. 

Bug Fixes
As usual, all reported bugs have been fixed!

Character Creator update:
I will add more items (mainly underwear), and a lot of color variations for various items!

New Character
As always, a new character, this time a male one! He will include 3 new movements: 2 foreplay and 1 sex movement.

Lesbian Animations
There aren’t many F/F non-strap/dick animations, i will be updating some, and the new sex movement will include its lesbian variation.
I will also update old animations that misbehaved into properly redirecting to lesbian animations when there aren’t any F/F animation for that particular movement.

Start Naked
You can unlock this feature in the shop to have a option in the extras menu for the characters to start clothed (as usual), half-naked (using only hands and legs items), or completely naked!

Fixed Clipping of big dicks
Big dicks shouldn’t produce any clipping in sex positions. hopefully.

Third Slot for Character Creator
You may be able to create a third custom character!

Dirty Talk
The long expected overly-complicated system for characters to provoque, taunt and annoy each other in the game!
I have to admit, this feature is costing me a lot of time and effort to make it, but im certain it will be finished for this month’s update.
As i said before, the base system will include lots of lines, but in the future i will be able to just keep adding more and more!

And some other not-so-big things. (like fixing typing errors)

So, that’s all i have prepared for this month’s beta. I hope you like it, and im able to do everything, and everything runs fine. 

As always im happy to receive feedback, if its good, or bad, or whatever, i think every opinion helps the game grow, so if you have anything to say about the game, don’t hesitate and tell me, either here, or in Discord!

One last thing: we are so very close to the 900s goal, and im super happy about it, i hope we can reach it this month, so i can add more stuff!!
If you haven’t voted, go to the poll and vote, the top 3 options are somewhat close, and the results may change in these last days!
And even if the option you voted didn’t won, the Goal includes a bach of items, which will be picked mostly from the second and third options, so there will be new stuff for everyone!

This post got longer than i expected, well, i hope all of you enjoy the game, and i really wanna thank all of you who support my work every month!

And if you like the game, but can’t afford $5 to support me, sharing in social medial, making videos, photos, posting on forums, or helping the game reach a bit more of people will greatly help me, and the game grow!

Let us help each other in this 2020!

I hope to see all of you soon!

Also don’t forget the public beta has been updated to 0.7D! go try it out, and have fun!


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