February Objetives!

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a great weekend! Im a bit better, but still a bit sick, however im still very happy because i got the game approved on Steam and DLsite! If you haven’t go there and wishlist the game! That really helps the game, because Steam will show the game to more people the more Wishlists the game has! Anyway, ill make a Short post today, i promise. So, What’s coming on February?

The next Update is scheduled to go live around february 15-17th, and will include the following: 

Fourth Costume! The Fourth Costume will be added to the game! That’s 27 new costumes added to the game, each with their own color variation! The style for these costumes will be Uniforms!

Character Creator items The Character Creator will have several new items added to it, and even more new textures and designs for some old items. Also all items will be reorganized, so you may have to re-do some of your character appearances. On the next update the total of different items (not counting variations), will be over 350. That is a lot!

BootySlider! This both Player-requested, and planned feature will be added. And here is a small comparison between a 0 booty and 0 boobs character, and a 100 booty/boobs!

Each character will have their own Booty value (same as with the boobs), so the bodies will differ a bit more! Keep in mind, that as always the bigger booties and boobies will cause some clipping in some animations.

Bug Fixes As always, however this time there wasn’t that much to fix, im getting better!. Small preview of costumes!

(Yes, a bunnysuit is a Uniform!)

And well i think that is all. It may not look as much, but it is quite a lot of work, and also im working on the Story mode, which i cannot show now because its a lot of code and not-visually-ready stuff, but it will be great once i can finish it! I wanna thank to all the amazing people that support me and all the work i make to keep the game updated and good. Without your support i wont be able to be at this point right now, so i wanna give a big Thank you! to all of you, my dear super amazing patrons! And if you never supported the game, check it out, for only $5 you can get a game made with a lot of work, dedication, and a lot of player-requested features, and tweaks made based around player feedback, because the game is for you! I think that’s all, have a great night everyone! Cheers!

PS: Go Wishlist the game and make me happy! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1237530/Kinky_Fight_Club/

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