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I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Today im very happy to bring the new update to the game. It has a lot of content, so lets get into it. Just as a small disclaimer, i have tested it and hopefuly everything works OK, but since i had to change many things theres always the chance that something doesn’t work as expected, if you happen to find anything like that tell me so i can fix it asap!

So, What’s new?

Fourth Costume!

The 4th Costume has been added to the game, every character now has 4 costumes, with 2 color variations! This costumes theme is Uniforms! The Costume shop has been modified and now it has several pages to buy the costumes. Also the costumes prices has been dropped a bit.


Just like the BoobSlider and the DickSlider, now we have a BootySider, to increase or decrease the size of all the characters booties. This works exactly like the other two, modifying in a %. However each character has their own Booty size. Now the descriptions in the character cards of “big booty” make sense!

Character Creator update

The Character Creator has been updated to include the new BootySlider, and a lot of new items – not used by any character -, exclusive items for the Character Creator, aswell as all the items used by the characters. In other words, every item in the game used by a character should be in the Character Creator. I also included Heels, Boots with Heels, flip-flops, and knee pads, among many other things. With the Character Creator update, i also checked some of the lists and added missing movements to some of the roles. With the addition of the last movements, now each role has 29 different moves to select! (quite balanced huh!)

The current total of diferent items in the Character Creator is 256. (excluding character bodies) and each item has an average of 63 different textures to choose from, for a Insane amount of possible characters!

IMPORTANT: you will have to remake your custom characters. Sorry but i had to update and sort all the items!

Weakness and Resistance Display

Now whenever a character is weak to a movement you will see a Broken Shield below it’s energy bar. Whenever a character is resistant to a movement you will see a Shield below it’s energy bar.

In the image above you can see the weak character and the broken shield, and the resistant character with their shield!

This has led to an interesting way of “discovering” your opponents weakness mid-game!

Dirty Talk Improvement

This wasn’t my idea to be honest, i was offered help by Joe, and he really put a lot of effort and time into improving some of the lines in the game!

Im not a native english speaker, so he read through all the lines and changed some to represent better the proper use of the terms in english. 

Im super happy with his work, and there is a lot more upgrades coming to the Dirty Talk!

Character Voices Rework!

Both the male and female voices (moans) for the game have been updated! I hired two voice actors to make them. The ammount of different sounds and the quality are insanely different than what i had before. I really wanna thank to them for the amazing work! The female voice actress is Miss Moonified. The male voice actor is Riley Moore. Also, in the future updates i will be adding more voice tones for the characters. A deeper and a Iighter tone will be added for both characters, so you will be able to pick between three voice styles for your characters! (all the characters will have each their voice tone defined).

Moan Ratio

With the update to the voices, it also comes a new option in the Extras Menu! You can now choose the ratio at which you will hear the characters moan, from more often to almost not hearing them. (Or even the crazy option of hearing them moan almost all the time).

(That is Miss Moonified’s avatar! Yes, you can make her in the Character Creator!)

New Character: Mika!

A new Character has been added to the game! Mika comes with 4 new movements, most of the including their own lesbian variation. So there is a lot of new movements in the game! She uses the same passive as Leonard. The longer the match becomes the more powerful she becomes!

Updated and Fixed Camera animations.

I have updated some animations so the camera can properly focus on better angles. Feel free to suggest animations that can hay the angle improved!

Simplified Cheats.

Now when you enter the cheat code a button will pop up. If you press the button the Cheats gets enabled (and coinds for that match reduced to 1), if you don’t press the button nothing happens. Either way the button will remain enabled for the rest of the play session (works the same as the Money Cheat) If you dont press the button the cheats wont get enabled.

Enable Player IA while playing.

In the Pause menu a button was added to enable/disable the Player IA. (called Enable Auto-Play). This is experimental and i haven’t enought time to test it out completely, but it should work well.

Fixed bugs and stuff. As always, i fixed everything that was reported and i could find!

Those are the main Features of this patch. I hope you enjoy them a lot.

If you enjoy playing the beta, and wanna try the full version consider supporting me on Patreon, that way i can work more hours per week in the game, and increase the quantity and quality of the content.  By supporting me on Patreon you not only help me fulfill my dream of making games, but also fund the game you want to play!

And as all of my patreons can see, i take players feedback very seriously, so if there is some content that you want in the game i may be able to add it! (if it is someting that would work within the game itself)

Get the game at www.patreon.com/mrzgames

Another way to help me is also Wishlisting the game on Steam!


Have a great week, and i hope seeing all of you around on Discord or Patreon!


Changelog Below:


  • Added a new Feature: Advantage to Characters on Spectator mode: Once you enable Spectator mode, you can choose to give advantage to the Character on the left (Player character), or on the right (Opponent character), or let the fight be a fair match!. (Granting advantage to a character weakens it’s opponent in 30% and causes it to take slower and worse choices sometimes!)
  • Playing on Spectator mode now ignores the default difficulty: it will now always grant 12 coins as a reward.
  • Keep going now properly resets the character’s facial expressions!
  • Updated Character Creator boobs y booty size controller, now there shouldn’t be any case where the boobs or booty clip through clothing if the boob/booty size was changed while the clothing was disabled.
  • Reduced the price on costumes by 50! 
  • Added a Shield icon to display when a character is Resistant to the type of movement it is in!
  • Added a Broken shield icon to display when a character is Weak to the type of movement is is in!
  • Improved camera aim with Ground Titfuck, Standing DoggyStyle, Legtrap Missionary, Sixty Nine, and prone Doggystyle!
  • Dirty Talk active lines time changed from 4.5 seconds, to 7 seconds.
  • Dirty Talk time between lines changed from 32 seconds to 25 seconds.
  • Reworked and added more lines to Dirty Talk, thanks to Joe! (he did spellcheck, correct and improve some of the lines!)
  • Added Lines for the loser in Dirty Talk. (thanks to Joe again!)
  • Added a new feature: BootySlider: You can now choose the overall size of the character booties!
  • Added a sound effect to the shops when pressing the Buy button!
  • Added pastel pink to the hair colors!
  • Added some missing movements to the table of Active Foreplay Movements on the Character Creator.
  • Added a new 3-stage Passive/Active role starting movement: Ass Smother. (It can be used by everyone!)
  • Added a new 3-stage Passive/Active role starting movement: Wrestle Footjob. This is a  mix of ground wrestling and a footjob. (It can be used by everyone!)
  • Added a new 5-stage Passive role starting movement: Prone Doggystyle 2. This version of the prone Doggystyle is started by the bottom character!
  • Added a new 5-stage Passive/Active role starting movement: Standing Missionary.
  • Added a new 5-stage variation: Standing missionary lesbian.
  • Fixed an error that caused some facial expressions to remain out of the movements.
  • Added fourth costume to the game! Now every character has a 4th costume, with a color variation!
  • Added all missing items to the Character Creator.
  • Added some new textures to some old items in the Character Creator.
  • Reworked the Items in Character Creator, and added a ton of new stuff to the character creator.
  • Total different designs in the Character Creator went from 179 to 256. (not including bodies) Plus each design includes 50 to 96 different textures. (thats over 1500 different items in average!)
  • Added a new Character: Mika, the agile and sporty noobie, who wants to learn and get into kinkier stuff!
  • Improved all the Oral movements to correctly reflect oral moans instead of normal moans (some 69s and forced bj were doing it wrong).
  • Improved the female voice sounds in-game: Thanks to Miss Moonified!
  • Total voice files for female characters moans increased from 9 to 113.
  • Total voice files for male characters moans increased from 6 to 51.
  • Added a new feature: Moan spacing selection! You can now select at which rate the characters moan in the game!
  • Added a items to make the Avatar of Miss Monnified! Thanks for your awesome voicework!
  • Difficulty Adjustments, game should be slightly easier.
  • Fixed the nonresponsive difficulty bug.
  • Fixed wrestler footjob IA animation mismatch.
  • Added a new Player-requested Feature: Enable Player IA while playing! To do so go to thePause menu while playing. This is experimental and something may not work 100%. Will keep this in check.
  • Added a new Player-requested Feature: Cheat button memory: Now when you enter the code for cheats, the game remembers (same as money cheat) and allows you to open the cheats easier on future matches (while in the same play session). Now Activating the Cheats pops up a button. When you press the button the cheats are activated and the coins per match reduced to 1. If you don’t touch the button, nothing happens! (The button persist in the same play session).

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