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Hello everyone!I

hope you are having a great weekend! im a little sick, but it serves as a perfect excuse to stay home and work a bit more heheh. A new update is here and ready!

So, What’s new?
I added a tutorial, which is the base of the dialogue system that is going to work in the game! Fell free to give feedback about it, i hope it explains all the basics for playing the game (and winning!). This tutorial was needed for Story mode.

Three cum mode!
The long awaited -player requested- Three cum mode feature is here! You can find the toggle for it in the Extras menu. If enabled you have to make your opponent cum three times to win, (and you have to cum three times to lose). which makes for matches more interesting and longer, way longer. Im trying to calibrate how long they can go. Im around 9-11 as a median, however here i want your opinion to improve this. Also playing in 3Cum mode grants double the normal coins. Do you feel like the game goes too long with 3Cum mode? it can always be modified, but ill need player input to calibrate this.

New Character: The Acrobat.
She’s pretty, she’s fast, and has a taste for controling her victims, and has a lot of control with her feet… Her passive allows her to use more foreplay movements, but only two sex movements! There is a passive added to the Character Creator that allows players to use only Foreplay movements – as suggested by one player, Thanks Jhon! –

The new Character, Lorelei, includes 4 new animations: 2 new footjob movements, one new handjob (with FF and MM variations), and one new Mountingstyle sex movement.This character includes a total of 18 new animations ( 3x 5-stage movements, 1×3-stage movement)

As a small side note it includes one movement that was previously in the game in the character creator with a small error, it has now been fixed and properly added.All of her clothing, skin and movements have been added to the Character Creator.

Command to give head!
This is another feature suggested by a player, and i really liked the idea, now you can give oral to your opponent (as before), but you also get the movement to order your opponent to give oral to you. This is called Forced kneeling oral, theres no new animation, you just trigger your opponent into performing oral on you. The basic oral has now been renamed as Kneeling oral, since well… we are kneeling. A important thing here: Since the beggining of the game each of these movements had their own IDs, but when i added the female/futa playable, theyr different IDS where meaningless, since the movemen will morph based on your opponent. The thing here is, i used one of the IDS and changed to the command, so your Custom Character, may have either Kneeling oral or Forced kneeling oral, you can change this again in Character Creator, sorry for the inconvenience.

New Idle Battle Stances!
Added 2 new idle battle stances to the Character Creator!

Added more items to the Character CreatorI
added a bunch of missing items to the Character Creator, mainly stuff for the hands and legs. Theres no new items here, just items already in the game but missing from the Character Creator.

Added new Holidays items! 
These are some of the possible variations, there are also some male holidays shirts! Go check them out in the Character Creator, Happy Holidays! (all items have the standard clothing matherial and the rubberish shiny material).

Fixed Bugs & Corrected animations
Well, not much to say, that. I fixed everything that was reported, and corrected all the animations i found that were reversed.

Smoother Transitions
This is a small change, but some transitions were way to brute, now most of them are smooth, and the issue of de-sync shouldn’t happen anymore!

Added a new custom Skin!
I made an entirely new character for the Character creator, it took me a while, but im happy with the results! All pieces are enabled in the Character Creator! and i added some variations to it!

 I hope you like her!

Thats the main stuff new.
Holidays Thanks Discount!
During this month all the costumes are at 50% discount! This will only work on this patch and during december, once january hits a new update will be replacing this one without the discount, so enjoy it you beautifull people!Now, as always i will keep watch on the post and discord for the few days in case i need to fix something!

What’s up with the Dirty Talk system?
ohohoh, im really amazed by the amount of help i got from you guys! i have a lot of material to work now! i just need the time for adding and testing it, and it may sound simple like “just add it there and voila”, but it isnt, there is a lot of testing needed here, and the lines should be carefully placed in the right spaces, nobody wants to read a line that says “Yeah spank me harder” when none of the characters are spanking, or something like this. So, what im trying to say is: i will very likely have the Dirty talk ready for January, i didnt had the time to put Dirty talk on this patch, and if i learned something from my previous mistakes is to do not rush a feature just to add more in a patch.

And i think that is all, the changelog for this version is kinda long, so im happy, you can find it below as always.

You can get the game on my patreon page and support the development of the game, aswell as contributing to the next goal for the Fourth Costume in the Game!


I hope all of you have a wonderful holidays!


Changlog Below! 0.7D

  • Corrected a misplacement in one of the characters in M/M 69.
  • Updated and changed how the 2 base oral movements work :
  • Old “standing oral” (both F-M and M-F version) changed to kneeling Oral (as they are actually kneeling).
  • Added a new “Forced Kneeling Oral” where instead of performing oral, you command them to perform on you. There is no new animations for this movement, but instead you can command your opponent to play oral on you. Thanks YamaXenuz for the idea!
  • *Check your Custom Character, since Both oral movements shared a part of their ID, it is possible that your -Standing Oral- was changed to Kneeling oral (as it should), or to (Forced Kneeling Oral), this is not a bug, but a sideeffect of the change!.
  • Added two new Idle battle stances!
  • Added a new Character: Lorelei, the Acrobat. Watch out for her intense foreplay movements.
  • Added a new Three-stage passive-role starting foreplay movement: Ground Footjob. It includes a Male on Male variant!
  • Added a new Five-stage passive-role starting foreplay movement: Trap Footjob (Trap Fj for short). It includes a Male on Male variant!
  • Added a new Five-stage passive-role starting foreplay movement: Trap Handjob (Trap Hj for short). It includes a Male on Male variant! *This animation was in the Character Creator as an error, however it was incomplete and has possible mismatch-in-transitions. this is now fixed.
  • Added a new Five-stage passive-role starting sex movement: Splits Cowgirl.
  • Added all previous movements to the Character Creator.
  • Added a new passive to the Character Creator: This passive allows you to use only Foreplay movements and makes them more powerful (Player requested feature!)
  • Added all the items of the new characters (and one extra color-variant) to the Character Creator!
  • Nerfed Leonard’s passive, from proc’ing every 30 seconds to every 35 seconds. Added variant for 3cum mode: It will trigger every 45 seconds (to prevent him from going to overpowered).
  • Fixed a bug that caused Gloves and Footwear to disappear when not wearing anything in the chest slot (only for the player).
  • Fixed some typos in the shop (cant seem to get ride of all of them >_<)
  • Fixed four issues of Dick Clipping when using the biggest dick size. ill fix more clipping as soon as i found them!.
  • Added 10 new textures for christmas suits for the girls! (stockings, short stockings, a shirt, a bodysuit, and long gloves)
  • Added 4 new textures for christmas suits for the boys!(shirt and t-shirt)
  • Added 3 bracers to the character creator for both body types!
  • Added 2 bracers to the character creator for males!
  • Added 3 greaves to the character creator for both body types! (they were originally male items, but also fit female bodies)
  • Added 2 garter belts to the character creator for females! (+added 15 extra variations of color to each of those garters!)
  • Corrected an error that caused Cunnilingus movement to be reversed (domination-wise) when used by opponents.
  • Corrected an error that caused 69 (FF and MM variations) to be reversed (domination-wise) and animation-wise when used by opponents.
  • Corrected all interactions on 69 movements that caused them to be inverted.
  • Resist ability now should heal 10% of hp as intended, instead of 5%. (opponents IA was healing for 10%, sorry about that i just noticed it!)
  • Added 50% increase in coins earned while playing in 3Cum mode.
  • Improved and smoothed the transitions on remaining sex and foreplay movements, there are no more -known- issues with transitions.
  • Added a new custom skin to the character creator: it includes a new body(face), with its own texture.
  • Added a new top and a new short (linked to the custom skin), each one of these includes their own design, and the 15 color variations!
  • Added two new hair styles (with 4 color variations)
  • Added a tutorial for the game!
  • Improved the reacting speed of the IA when in Spectator mode.

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