Solas City Heroes update 0.8.2

Hey friends! I keep forgetting to update this place… Anyway, I updated the game today, you can find the post here: or you can read the post on Itch This update fixes a lot of stuff, adds bondage costumes, a new stage, a new enemy and three completely new sex positions, among aContinue reading “Solas City Heroes update 0.8.2”

Solas City Heroes update 0.3.1

Solas City Heroes Update 0.3.1 Hey friends! I hope you are having a great day, because today is update day, yay! Stuff is slowly going back to normal, I may have found a good programmer and we are having steady progress, so without further, let’s go to the new stuff this month: Bondage Improvements: FixedContinue reading “Solas City Heroes update 0.3.1”