4th CostumeVoting Results!

Hey everyone!
I hope you are having a great day!
After  doing some math, and looking at the voting poll results i made a pretty chart showcasing the poll results:

I love data, and charts. (so i made a chart with the data i had).
turns out, i was wrong! I was pretty sure Swimsuits will win, but, turns out the actual winner is : Uniform!

What a crazy poll it was!

First place : Uniform
Second place: Swimsuits
Third place: Latex
Not even considered: Holidays

For the next month’s update i will probably have these done!
And i will also include a batch of extra items, from where there will be many swimsuits and latex stuff!

Feel free to go to the Discord Channel and drop over the best uniform images/pics you would like to see in the game ! (preferably in the NSFW channel).

See you soon friends!

For chart explanation:
On orange are the standard vote count.
On yellow are the Gold tier votes (which count x2, so they have 1 vote in the standard and +1 in yellow)
On Grey are the Platinum tier votes (which count x3, so they have 1 vote in the standard and +2 in grey)
On Blue are the Diamond tier votes (which count x4, so they have 1 vote in the standard and +3 in blue).

For any questions or other things don’t hesitate to write me, either here or in the Discord channel!

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