March Objectives

March Objectives!

Hey friends!

Here we are again, with more objectives and stuff coming this month. I’m trying to get as much of the core systems ready so I can stop overworking in the next months, and relax a bit. January and February have been very…intense…

So, let’s see everything coming this month
(spoiler alert: This month’s update is gonna be massive)

Improved Breakables!

I added a bunch of new breakable objects to replace the wooden boxes. And now the content of the breakables is randomized between a list of possible items (each box has their own list of possible items).

(You can see most of the new breakables in my basic test scene)

Clothing update!

215 new cloth items will be added to the game. These items will be added to the shop after you complete the police station stage!


The big feature of this update. Originally I planned to add stuff slowly and in batches, but yeah, I’m gonna add everything I have so far this month. You can see below all the extra features included in Bondage. (I already made the UI, now I have to make everything else).

Each of the restraints has their own effect, and makes the game harder. If you manage to get yourself on all of the restraints you won’t be able to attack! (But pressing punch or kick buttons will increase your Special gauge, which you can use to try to break the restraints!)

Hand restraints like linked handcuffs will prevent you from using punch attacks, while Leg restraints like chained cuffs or bondage boots will prevent you from using kick attacks!

You will be able to learn more about all these things in the codex.


I will be adding a codex on the main menu, where all the information about the game, the status, the features, and everything else you need to know will be located.

Voices update!

Another big feature for this update. I will be adding 8 completely new voice sets (and removing the old ones, as they lack a lot of the required voice sounds). You will be able to pick the voice you want for your character in the customization. The new voices include hitting, being hit, taunts, all the lewd things you expect, and even gagged variations of all the sounds! I hope you guys and gals like this, cause it’s been hella expensive.

Animations update

This is another big thing for the next update: 6 of the oldest animations that I did almost 3 years ago will be remade using the new system. This month there won’t be new animations per se, but I will be remaking the old animations so they look better. All these animations are already in the game.

New Stage!

After being arrested by the Solas City Police Department our hero has to escape the jail and fight his way to have a friendly talk with the police chief…

This new stage does not feature new enemies, however (if Bondage is enabled) many of the enemies in this stage will be able to put restraints on you, including handcuffs!

Graphic color correction

I slightly improved the skin refraction and general lighting setup. It’s noticeable but not something crazy. It looks better now (and performance cost is the same as before).

Melee weapons!

You will be able to pick up melee weapons and smack the villains with them!

(Time to Bonk!)

New Specials

I will be adding at least 2 new specials to the game: Crescent moon kick (  similar to the Dynamic punch, however it deals more damage in a smaller area and counts as a kick), and Iron skin, which doubles your defense for the duration and turns your skin into Iron, literally!

The system to select specials will also be enabled.


Due to player request, I added a new Feature, now if you press H you will instantly drop to 0 hp and undress (if you are dressed). This feature only works in NSFW mode.

Bug and animation fixes

A bunch of bugs and animation errors will be fixed!

Always a boss in the room!

Starting on the next update, when you are captured, there will always be at least one boss in the room. You know, to check that everything is under control…

and that’s all I have for today, friends!

A lot of cool things are coming this month, so I hope if you enjoy the content we produce, consider supporting us, so we can keep making it!

Have a great month friends!


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