Oh, I had a blog!

Hello friends!

I haven’t written here for a very long time. The truth is: I forgot about it. I have so much stuff in my mind (designing a whole damn RPG, keeping updates for KYFC, finishing Dungeon Coup, plus all the RL stuff like bills, medical appointments, family, food, etc)

So, I won’t say I will be using this blog regularly again, so the best thing is to redirect you friends to my patreon page, where I write regurlarly.

Even if you aren’t a paying patron, you can still read everything I wrote there, with the exception of the patch updates (which you can find the changelog on itch.io devlogs) So if there is anything new happening you will find it there!

This is my patreon page, so please go follow me there!


Or join us on Discord (where you can also contribute voting in quick small polls to shape the future of the games! ) at:


Or on Twitter

That’s all friends, have a great day!

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