Solas City Heroes update 0.3.1

Solas City Heroes Update 0.3.1

Hey friends!

I hope you are having a great day, because today is update day, yay!

Stuff is slowly going back to normal, I may have found a good programmer and we are having steady progress, so without further, let’s go to the new stuff this month:

Bondage Improvements: Fixed two issues with the system and added new content:
Corsets (a male and a female version), Wristbinders (vertical mode and horizontal mode) and 4 harnesses (both with male and female versions)

Talents expansion: Added new talents, a button to reset the talents, and a new very powerful Special: Clear mind.

This special is very powerful if you are playing the “don’t sexfight, only escape” type of hero. It restores HP, reduces Arousal and repairs your clothing, but it will be harder to escape and dominate for the next 120 seconds!

Combat Simulation : You will be able to use this special training room to create digital copies of enemies whose data you have collected, and you can train and fight against them. They will behave exactly how they would behave in a real situation, doing everything in their power to defeat you, one way or another!

This new feature allows you to create simulations, where you can select enemies to spawn, select a background, and fight against them. You control the length and the maximum number of enemies.

EnemyData & SexData: Starting on this update, enemies will have a chance to drop Enemy data, and SexData. The first one allows you to recreate the enemies in the simulator, and the later one allows you to select your preferred sex positions (more info on that below).

Preferred sex positions & Improved counter: Starting on this update you will be able to collect SexData and unlock sex positions in your list of known sex positions. From that list you can pick some positions to be your Preferred sex positions. These will be used for the Improved Counter (a new talent) and for swapping positions in the Simulator – Gallery (once it is implemented in the future).

 Improved Counter. This talent will cause your Counter to swap to one of your preferred sex positions (instead of one of your opponents sex positions) and will also give you a additional small bonus.

Hardore mode: This new Player-suggested feature can be selected in the NSFW settings main tab and it makes the game way harder, while also increasing the credits you earn! While Hardcore mode is active you deal and take up to 50% more damage, you lose 20% of you maximum hp each time you cum and enemies have 30% more chances to put restraints on you, but you also earn 20% more credits! Hardcore mode overrides the maximum restraint chance of the bondage settings.

Fetishes: Fetishes are finally in the game. Starting on this update fetishes will now have an effect, described in the fetish entry. I rebalanced them and now fetishes work mostly as a passive ability rather than as something that could “harm” the player. However all the fetishes have the feature of generating extra Arousal (usually accompanied with Special) for the user, which in the end makes you getting closer to cum, which leads us to the next new feature…

Masturbation urge: With this new feature, whenever you are at or above 90% Ecstasy while not in a sex interaction, you will start masturbating until you cum! Some fetishes or restraints (vibrator and/or anal plug) will make this happen more often, so watch out!

Additional shadows: This new option, located in the settings on the main menu, allows players who have powerful computers to make the background look better at the cost of performance. So basically the background gets dynamic shadows which can cause severe FPS drops on older computers. You can enable or disable this, it is disabled by default.

New sex positions: 12 new sex positions have been added to the game!

Nine of those have been imported from previous projects, one is the completely remade masturbation animation (both male and female) and two are completely newly made, which are:

  • Kneeling trap handjob
  • laying footjob 3

Both of those animations include all the FF and MM variations!

New Stage and enemies: A new stage, the Underground Fight Club has been added! This new stage includes three types of new enemies: two fighters and a nurse!

Major bug fix: A lot of bugs were fixed, you can find below everything changed and fixed!

and that’s all new for this update friends!

As always I wanna thank all of you who support the development of the game, this wouldn’t be possible without your help, thanks!

If you find any bugs or have any interesting ideas or feedback feel free to join us on discord!

Here are the download links! 

Have a great weekend friends!


Changelog 0.3.1

  • Fixed a rare issue that caused animations to not reach stages 1 or 5 sometimes.
  • Improved the Stage 3 sex face, it was a bit unexpressive before.
  • Fixed a typo in the Blindfold entry in the Codex
  • Fixed a typo in the Cum entry in the Codex.
  • Fixed an issue with the cooldown of Lustful being shorter than intended.
  • Replaced the word tiredness with Exhaustion. (I’ll be using tiredness for other stuff)
  • Added a failsafe to prevent massive gains or losses in domination to cause animation transitions to be stuck in incorrect states
  • Fixed an issue that caused the blindfold effect to not be removed sometimes.
  • Added corsets to bondage! (well, corset, there is only one variant)
  • Added harnesses to bondage! (4 variations)
  • Added wristbinders to bondage (2 variations: horizontal and vertical!)
  • Created a system to allow the player to Reset talents, and added a button for Resetting talents.
  • Added 8 new talents! (Specials are missing from the whole tier for now)
  • Added the Improved Counter talent, which offers a new way to enjoy your preferred sex positions
  • Added a system to allow players to select their favorite sex positions!
  • Created a whole system to let players preview the sex positions in 3d. (warning this preview is a bit heavy on performance for older computers)
  • Added 3 new codex entries (Sex Data, Enemy Data, Preferred Sex Positions)
  • Doggystyle 1 was incorrectly swapping to Sitting doggystyle in some instances, now Doggystyle 1 and Sitting doggystyle are two different sets (as it should have been), and Sitting doggystyle was assigned to Worker 3 (blonde with short jeans)
  • Replaced most of Dread sex positions for different ones for a better sex position spread among bosses
  • Regeneration special now also restores 1% of your maximum hp on use.
  • Added a new feature: Combat Simulation! You can now use it to “train” in the training submenu. You can summon enemies whose EnemyData you obtained!
  • Added bundles to the shop! So you can buy a lot of Enemy Data and Sex data at the same time  (they are expensive tho!)
  • Bondage difficulties renamed!
  • Added Hardcore mode! This mode increases the difficulty of the game significantly, but it also increases your rewards!
  • Added 2 Masturbation animations! (one with a dick, one without a dick, these were the animations from DC completely remade and improved)
  • Added Fetishes functionality! All base 9 fetishes now work!
  • Increased the effect of vibrators by 100% (they were weak)
  • Added a new Feature: Masturbation urge! While out of a sex interaction and at or above 90% Ecstasy you will start masturbating until you cum! (This was not possible before, but it is possible now due to some tweaks and fetishes!)
  • Added a new counter in Stats to display how many times a character has masturbated!
  • Added a new Feature: Additional shadows! When enabled (in the settings of the main menu) the environments will look much better due to better shadows, however this is expensive for older computers, so only enable this if your computer can spare some fps!
  • Added a bunch of new tips to the loading screens.
  • Optimized Stage 1 to reduce loading time and slightly improve performance.
  • Added 9 new sex positions.
  • Added a completely new original foreplay position: Kneeling trap handjob! This new sex position includes F/F and M/M variants!
  • Added a completely new original foreplay position: Laying footjob 3! This new sex position includes F/F and M/M variants!
  • Fixed an issue with one of Doggystyle II animations.
  • Added three new enemies: two fighters and one worker (nurse).
  • Added a new stage: The UFC! (Underground Fight Club).
  • Added a new Special: Clear mind! This special is very powerful, recovering both Arousal and HP, and even restoring clothes! However, it will also make dominating and escaping harder as it tires you down!
  • Some enemy attacks can no longer be interrupted. (They will still take the damage of your attacks, but it won’t interrupt their attack)

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