Public version updated to 0.5c

Hello everyone!

After testing for various days and having not received any crash or bug repport, and having not crashed on my computer not any of my testers, im happy to update the public version to the 0.5c

You can find it on Itch.Io

Al always it contains the latest updates:

  • The shop
  • Them Boob Physics
  • The new costumes
  • The new textures and all that amazing stuff.

    However, as usuall, the public version has the usual restringed characteristics:
  • You can only play with the original 9 characters (That is a huge increment from the previous 5 playable characters in the public versions) This is a way to ask for forgiveness for the crashing previous version.
  • You cannot use the random selection function
  • You will only win 1 coin after a fight. (you can still get bounties).
  • You can only play on the Easy arcade tower.

and That’s it. I hope you guys and girls enjoy it. there is a lot more coming soon.
If you enjoy the game please consider supporting me, as it is the only way i can put more time into developing the game and improving as an game developer.

Remember that if you join before the end of month you can get the game version with the 75% discount on the -Other Shop- , and you will be able to vote for the Third costume style!

That’s all


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