Last August Update! (0.5C)

Hello everyone!

I have updated the game with some minor tweaks and fixes. Gladly there was no big or gamebreaking bug found!
Im happy, ill put the changelog below, it is small this time.

You can vote for the next costume! We are so close to getting to 250 again, i know that the game-crashing bug caused a lot of people to leave (well, not a lot, but a lot relative to the number of patrons), but once we get to 250 and the poll ends ill start working on the third costume for the game. If you aren’t a patron you can join me and vote for the next costume!

Also until the end of august there is a 75% discount on the in-game Extra Features (other shop). If you join now and support my work on Patreon you can get some cool features for 1/4 of the time!.

As always, you can find me on Discord at
And im more than happy to take on suggestions, critics, feedback, and bug reports!
As some of the newest features im adding are based on your reports!

Happy end of month!


—- Changelog!! —-


  • Fixed a error that caused Costume 1 tops to not be able to be removed.
  • Corrected cursor logic: now it should always be visible in main menu, and never be visible while in a match.
  • Money cheat ammount increased from +25% to +35%.
  • Slightly increased bounciness.
  • Added some simple decoration in the background for the matches.
  • Removed the old Face spotlights toggle, as it is no longer needed since the game is no longer restringed with the lights (from LWRP).
  • Corrected some mouseless transitions in the shop.
  • -Experimental- Added a toggle in the -Extras Menu- to allow the utilization of the mouse cursor, however the quick time events should still be made with keys.

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