September objetives!

Hello everyone!
Happy new month!
First i wanna thank all of you guys and girls who supported me through these months and are making possible for me to work on the game harder and harder every month!
These updates are posssible thanks to you!

Now, what is the project goals for September:

  • Main September goals;
  • Enable playing as a Female (this is the main goal, and the biggest of the month)
  • Add some basic F/F and M/M animations, as some animations wont have any sense otherwise*
  • Update all the Characters to add the new passive/active sex movements. *
  • Add futa dicks, a futa toggle (to turn futa off completely), and strap-ons.*
  • Add Role selecting tabs (related to playing as female)*
  • Add the new character: Katherine.
  • Add the two new 5-stages animations brought with Katherine.
  • Add the “keep going” to the opponents
  • Update the Visuals on the Cheat buttons

  • Secondary September goals:
  • Update the Character’s Card Art with the new rendering style and some new poses.
  • Add some of the missing Characters 2d Art (depends on the artist)
  • Add a new male character.
  • Add two new animations for the new character.
  • Add some F/F sex animations.
  • Add a hotkey system (requested by players!)

  • Additional September goals:
  • Add the third costume to the game.
  • Add more mouse-only support.
  • Add key configuration.
  • Add a Dick size configuration (requested by players!)

    Items marked by a * are needed for the female playability feature, as it wont work without those!

I think that is all i have on my current task list. The main goals are the ones i know for sure i will be able to do unless something weird happens (like early last month, eh).
The secondary goals are things i want to do and add if i have the time and money to put into it. (by money i mean time i dont have to go out to work and get money to eat).
The additional goals are those that i will do if i have done the others, and somehow im very good with time/money. Keep in mind that, if im not able to implement them yet it doesnt mean that i wont work on them.
As an example i will be working on the Third costume during the whole month, but im not sure if i will be able to add them before end of month.

Im very happy with how the game is growing to be honest, i know that there is always room for improvement, but since this is my first game, im really satisfied (that doesnt that i will just rest on it, i wanna make it amazing!).
Well, with that long list of stuff i have forgotten already if i was going to say something else. During this month i will try to do a bit more of publicity and see if we can reach 100 patrons, and if we do i will add a little (not so little) surprise for all of you!

Im also working on something for the Gold+ tier, it is not something huge, but i dont wanna speak about it before i can be sure i can do it. There is going to be something nice there around mid-month!

This is too long already, i hope i haven’t bored you all, so, the next update will be around the 10th of the month, not sure the exact date, as i have a lot of things to do, however i have succesfully made the base-system for the Female playablity, but right now it is only possible with Maia and Lucy. (And i just added Lucy to make some better image, because im always testing with max and maia only).

So, expect something nice around the 10th! And well, that’s all.
If you aren’t supporting me already, and like what you see, you can go join me at as, your support and all of the other patrons make imporving this game possible much faster than the original date!

If you happen to find any bug, or the game doesn’t run on you computer, or something you can always find me on discord and report it, so i can fix it!


I wanna make strap-ons to be linked to the costume color, its a small detail but maybe an sub-optimal work-time utilization?

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