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Hello everyone! It’s late but im kind of happy, because after a LOT of work, like A LOT of work, i have managed to finish the game version 0.5b. 

so What’s new? 

No-more-crashes. Yay! 

First of all i wanna say sorry to all who i accidentally annoyed with the game crashing, im learning, and im trying to do my best, but sometimes people take bad desitions, mine was to cling to the Unity’s HDRP and LWRP. I spent so much time playing with it and at the beggining i was facinated at how it improved the visuals of the game, turns out, it wasnt really that much better, it was just that my previous work was shitty.(because i didnt know how to make it better at the time). But, with the improvement in visuals came some bugs, some i realized were tied to the Render pipelines, and some i didn’t until like two weeks ago. It also happened to me that some bugs didnt happen on my computer. Why is that? my computer is kinda old, so what took other less than a minute for the game to crash, on my end it took up to fifteen minutes. 

Anyway, after realizing all of this, i decided to update Unity to the newest stable version, which fixed some bugs, but caused some others, in the end i ended up ditching the LWRP, and started from scratch with the visuals and lighting. At this point i tried using Shaders, as Nossi suggested some time ago (but that wasnt possible with LWRP, at least not those shaders). In the end i think everything looks better now. Im happier with the result, because now i dont rely on having to manipulate lights to get over the ugly shadows that were generated sometimes.

Long story short: i worked a lot, and now the game is functional again, i fixed all the reported bugs, so if you guys and girls happen to find any bug, please report it so i can fix it asap.

I tested it alot, and had some friends also test it, and everything seems to be working fine this time.

So, Whats new?

The Shop!

You can find the Shop in the Extras Menu, it has 4 submenus: 

Costume shops, where you can buy and unlock the second costume for all the characters!

Art shop, where you can unlock and view some nice 2d hand-drawn art of all the (female for now, males are being made still) KYFC characters! The art is made by the talented illustrator Miss Persephone.

Character cards, where you can unlock and view the story and likes of the characters. (this will be updated in the future, as it was made before the visuals rework).

Other shop, Here you can unlock extra features for the game, right now it includes 2 features, both who were suggested by the patrons!:

>Keep Going: After making your opponent orgasm, you can choose to continue until you cum! 

>Surrender: You can surrender now! you can actually surrender withouth purchasing this upgrade, but, with this upgrade when you surrender, you can ask your opponent to “End you” in any particular way thats on his or her movement list.

This is the main features of this version, (actually, the bug cleaning was and version update), together with the -also asked by patrons- Boob physics!!!!!!!

Now the characters boob have bounciness! The amount of bounciness is on test, and it may increase or decrease with patches until i can find a perfect point.

Also i had to remade the boobs to properly scale in order to fix a -new- bug, so now the boobs scale better and look a lot better( and have bounciness!)

Since i had to re-do some things and re-import all the character’s top clothing, i spent some extra time and remade some characters clothing, in most of the cases the changes are small and may not be seen unless inspected in full (like the shirts sleeves being more round and less sharp) , and others have been remade completely, like Maia and Alessa’s Top.

I also worked on some small (not so small as it took me some time) upgrade to the dominate skill: now if you press any button after entered the correct sequence, it will not mark it as an error! so you can press al the buttons you want after entering the sequence that it will not screw you up!

And also fixed some clipping and animations and stuff. 

I think this is the biggest update i ever made, with the amount of stuff added to the game and the insane amount of work i putin the game in the last two weeks, something that wasnt agaisnt my GF’s economical advice, but i still wanted to finish this as early as possible, after all, you guys and girls supported me and i provided a crappy service, so im trying to mend my mistakes.

And speaking of that: I wanna thank all the patrons who are still supporting and believing in me, so i made two small changes:

First i increased the overall arcade bounty by 40 to 50%, so you guys and girls can get more bang for your buck. This is a temporary change that may or may not be permanent.

And this is the best, for all who supported me in August, in this version the extra-features are at only 25% of their original price, That’s a 75% discount in the Other shop! (which is the most expensive shop in the game)

You can grab this almost for free and enjoy it!

This special discount will be on the game, until the next version that comes up on September 1st, which may include any fix (or not if not needed), but will reset the prices to the base, as this is an August-only event.

Jeez, i feel like i have been writing this forever. I dont wanna make this even longer, the download link is already on Patreon for those who support me and want to get the lastest up-to-date beta. A public version will be released in a week or so, with all the usual limitations of the public versions.

Oh, something important, for some reason Avast reacted in a false positive to the game, trying to block it. The game has no virus, it is just a false positive, if someone is unsure about it, you can check it out with any antivirus online, im not sure if it is just Avast, or may happen with some other AVs, i hope not.

I hope you guys and girls enjoy the game and love it as much as i do!

Join me on discord and tell me, what is your favorite 2nd costume on the game!

As always i wanna thank all of you for your support and im more than happy to talk with you or receive any kind of feedback in my discord channel!


Changelog Below:


  • Updated Maia top
  • Updated Alessa’s top and Short. 
  • Updated Lucy’s whole base costume and color variation.
  • Updated Briana stockings and added gloves on her first costume.
  • Updated Nisa’s stockings.
  • Corrected Nat’s thong material.
  • Corrected Austin shirt’s texture.
  • Corrected clipping on some animations.
  • Fixed a bug that caused that sometimes boobs didnt scale properly.
  • Fixed a rare bug that caused the debuff for spamming resist to do not leave the character.
  • Fixed a UI issue that caused some menus to do not properly close other menus.
  • Remodified the code for the dominate ability: now if you press any key after you entered the correct sequence it will not fail.
  • Reworked the rendering system, basically changing lots of visual aspects and corrected the three following fixes:
  • Fixed the game crash bug.
  • Fixed another possible game-crashing bug.
  • Fixed the memory leak bug. (it still ocurred but i had a -patch-it-up fix to prevent it from escalating)
  • Fixed the excessive culling bug.
  • Remade some secondary systems to work properly in the new rendering system.
  • Readjusted the glossiness of some textures due to the change in the rendering system.
  • Corrected some animations clipping points.
  • Added backwards compatibility for saving, so players wont lose the coins they got on the previous versions.
  • Added new feature: SHOP! Now you can buy costumes, cards, and unlock extra features for the game!
  • Added new feature: Keep going (requires unlocking in the Others shop) , after beating an opponent and having unlocked this feature a button pops up for 3 seconds to keep going until you cum, you can choose any of you sex movements to do so, if you dont press the button in those three seconds, the game will end as usual.
  • Added new feature: Surrender choosing (requires unlocking in the Others shop), after surrendering and having unlocked this feature, you can choose how your opponent is going to end you from his or her movement list!
  • Added new feature: Character Cards, you can unlock them in the Cards shop to view them. Each card shows a short bio of the character aswell as his or her likes. The art here wil be updated on the next patch.
  • Added new feature: 2d art, you can unlock them in the Art shop to view them. These are hand-drawn from the talented illustrator Miss Persephone based on the KYFC characters. Males character are missing and will be added on the future.
  • Added new feature: Costumes, now you can change the costume of the character, to play with either their base costume (nº1) , or the “Fight-style” costume (nº2). Using the nº2 costumes requires to unlock them in the costume shop.
  • Added Diego to the posible characters to be selected with random selection.
  • Added the second costume to all the arcade opponents.
  • Increased the reward amount in each tier in Arcade mode by roughtly 45-50%!
  • Fixed a small texture issue in the hands of the female characters.
  • Fixed a incorrect UI tooltip.
  • Fixed a Cum animation unintendedly ending early.
  • Removed the old Maia Anime and Maia Real, as they were only a test (and didnt get much aproval either) and arent supported anymore by the new system.

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