August update.

ny image i did for a post i made in Itch.Io regarding August, link at the bottom.

Hello everyone!

its been a terrible month. But, after all the game errors and crashes and bullshit that i had to deal with in the last few days im geting close to have a working non-crashing version.

In the next few days i will start testing, so around the 22th of august i will upload the 0.5c version.
Which will include a Special bonus for all the people who supported me:
75% reduced price on the -Others- Shop.
The others shop will include 2 features that the players asked:
> Keep going after your opponent cums.
> Surrender (and choose how you would like for the opponent to end you)

Those two features were asked by you, the patrons! And here, after a lot of work i managed to get them up. This was going to be a surprise, but since August has been such a bitch of a month im gonna promote it a little, because i might have spent too much time working on the game, and not working on my real life work.

I will be uploading some spoilers to the Patreon, and the Discord Channel about how the Costume nº2 looks for each character.
I hope you have a great week!


Quick edit: Something i forgot to mention, in the next version there will be Boob physics!!!! Yay bounciness.!

Link to August Devlog on Itch.Io (technical stuff, complains and complications all in one place!)

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