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Meet Daira

Hello everyone, i hope you are having a great day!
Today is update day. I have put out a lot of work to get this update soon, so i can take the rest of the month to work on the shop, which is going to be a huge update ( mainly regarding the amount of code and items to include).

So whats new?

I have updated the game abilities and the GUI, the old Defend ability was removed due to lack of use. instead, the new Game User Interface has 4 buttons, Undress, Foreplay and Sex, and Surrender. The first three remain unchanged, the Surrender option now works, and im working on it for the next update to be able to choose (after unlocking it) how to be “finished” when you surrender. All in all, surrender now works.
While being part of a sex/foreplay movement the new menu also has 4 buttons:
Actions: Here are the main actions to do: Dominate, Hold position and Resist, remain unchanged, Speed up, and Slow down are new actions that do what their name says. Actions does not have recharge time, only energy cost.
Abilities: Here are the actions that have recharge times: Counter, Grapple, Overpower, Energy Rush, and Transition.
Overpower is a new ability that scales twice with the character’s dominance ability, instantly granting up to 25 domination. Great for combinating with Counter for escaping harsh situations, or to push to 100% domination for maximum extasis!
Energy Rush is another new ability that when used increases our energy regeneration for a few seconds to 300% of the normal. But after the effect expires, our energy regeneration is reduced by 35% for a bit.
Transition works like counter essentially, but in order to use transition both character has to been in the same movement (not the same phase) for at least 45 seconds, essentially none of the characters should have the Sex buff, and has to have at least 35% domination. Transition is not as powerful or advantagerous as Counter, but instead it’s primary function is to enable to swap from movements after being too long in one, this is mainly aesthetic and has not such a big impact on the game as Counter does. Transition has a very short recharge time.
Following Actions and Abilities is Defend:
The new defend works as a filler, it has a 5 second channeling time, during on which the character takes 7% less Arousal and Extasis, and regains energy faster. This ability can (and should!) be used to avoid just “waiting for energy to fill”, while at the same time providing some benefits but at the cost of not being able to perform other actions for 5 seconds, and only be able to watch whats going on.
The last of the buttons is the Escape button, which remains unchanged.

On other news: New Character: Daira, The Atlantean, a powerful woman with some legs to die for (or by?), she loves to dominate her opponents and wear them down until they beg to be ended!
She also comes with two new 5 stages foreplay movements: Headscissors Handjob and Ground Tightjob. (She is not the only character with that movements, some other older characters also got some of those!)

There was also various smaller fixes, but for now that’s it, i dont wanna make a post sooooooooo long. Im gonna put the Complete Changelog below.

And we got a Discord now guys and girls! Come and join us at (link:
There we will talk about stuff, the game, future coming features, and report bugs, feedback, etc, even once there’s enought people i may do some giveaways!

Also this month i have updated the public version which is below. The differences are the following:

  • Reduced the amount of coins earned in a match to 1. (bounties unchanged)
  • You can only play with a very limited pool of characters
  • You can only play in the begginer and advanced towers in arcade.
  • You cannot use the random selection function.

Due to the previous you may not be able to see all of the animations, as some each character only has 10 attacks, 5 foreplay and 5 sex. If you enjoy what you see in the game, consider supporting me, as for only $5 you get all the stuff that im working on up-to-date, and it really helps me grow as a developer and as a worker, since i can put more hours per month in the game, improving the quality and content of the game.

Also spreading the word really helps, even if you cannot support me with money, helping me to get known (retweets, doing a gameplay video, or even telling your friends or on forums), and getting more patrons will allow us to reach the goals faster, which means more stuff added to the game!. (And there is a lot of Extra stuff to come!)

As always, any feedback, bug reports or comments are welcome, now on Discord for easy of use for everyone, and faster responses!.
If you find any bug, keep in mind this is a work in progress, please report it so i can fix it as soon as possible, and have my apologies!

and have a nice week!

Kinky Fight Club 0.5 Public;!X5dF1IbK!b7C-5aC3vf-IATjLV4QdHxVDlHs5J2fgPRn5njmNGPo

Changelog Below!

  • 0.5
  • Updated GUI, now it matches the game color identity!
  • Updated GUI, now the text is clearer and looks better.
  • Revamped Basic game menues:
  • Old Defend function was removed.
  • While in a sex movement, you now have two menues: Actions and Abilities.
  • Actions: are -actions- to perform that does not have a cooldown.
  • Speed up: Increases the speed of the movement, but you lose 1-5 domination.
  • Slow down: Reduces the speed of the movement, you gain 1-5 domination.
  • Dominate, hold position and resist remain unchanged.
  • Abilities: are actions to perform that have a cooldown, they are stronger than the actions.
  • Counter and Grapple remain unchanged.
  • Overpower: a powerfull -instant- bonus to domination that scales twice with your dominance.
  • Energy rush: you gain a burst of extra energy regeneration for 7 seconds, then you became tired and regenerate less energy for 9 seconds.
  • Transition: an ability that allows the character to change the position, works like counter, but it requires that both characters had been in the same sex movement for at least 45 seconds.
  • Speed up: it increases the speed (and the damage interval) by 20%, but you lose 1 to 5 domination. Can critically hit to refund its energy cost.
  • Slow dow: it reduces the speed ( and the damage interval) by 20%, and you gain 1 to 5 domination. Can critically hit to refund its energy cost.
  • Swapped “Back to menu” and “Proceed” buttons position.
  • Added Surrender function, and made the basic for the “choose your ending future surrender function”.
  • Corrected some typos on the console text.
  • Fixed an incorrect statement in spotlights logic, now they should work correctly.
  • Added Daira “The Atlanta”, a new powerful female character.
  • Added a new five-stage female-starting animation: Ground Tightjob.
  • Added a new five-stage female-starting animation: Headscissor Handjob.
  • The attacker’s dick will now be present in Ground Spanking while the pants are on.
  • Corrected a error with the arcade random character icon.
  • Corrected some of the first animations to match better.
  • Replaced Tooltip text to a better text.

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