June Progress

Hello everyone!
How’s your week going? im gonna take some time here to talk about the development progress.
A Bit more than a month and a half i started making public the project i have been working for the last 9 almost 10 months. It wasn’t the best beta for a game, but it serves now as a good point to see the progress made in these almost two months.

There is a lot of work that is unseen because it is in code, but overall, the increase in playability and overall quality its great, and each month im able to work on the game i able to learn more stuff, and make more and more efficiently.

So, what happened on June?
The changelog for june is long, various character were added, and varios sex animations, both long (5 stages), and short (1 stage). in addition to many small changes that may not be felt alone, but together made an increase in the game’s playablity. The 0.3 versions mainly focused on making character uniques, (mainly in code), so each character can have their own style, attributes, abilities, and everything, without being hardcoded and a pain in the ass to modify/add more.

Whats the objetives for July?

The targets im aiming for July are three:

  • Making a Currency system: A currency will be added to the game, and every time you win a match, you get some coins, based on the difficulty chosen and if shortmode is enabled. This will be used on later patches to buy additional costumes, art, character cards, and more stuff.
  • Making Arcade mode: finishing the system that will allow player to fight towers of 3,5 and 7 enemies, who will be getting stronger progressively. The longer the tower, the harder will be the fights and the higher will be the bounty for winning the tower. Once this system is finished and works good, an endless – survival- tower will be added, but in order to prevent unexpected game dinamics and bugs, the endless tower will have to be the last one to be made.
  • Making a Shop: Where players can spend the coins they get by playing to buy cool in-game stuff. – this is a game only shop, there will be no micro-transactions here -.

Additionally to this, there are four characters in development to be added to the game, two females, and two males.

This will come in the usual format of one upload every 10 to 19 days, as now im able to take 2 fridays (2º and 4º of the month) off the daily job to focus entirely on the game thanks to your support.
Expect the first 0.4 v before July 14th, ( i hope i can bring it way earlier, but im not sure about it).
The last thing i wanted to talk about here is the Patron Loyalty System
Once the game is finished, im planning on releasing it on various platforms, however i wont forget about those who supported me in the beggining – which is the harder moment to get support to be honest-. Patreon provides the tools to see how much a patron has supported over the months, and for those that had support for an amount equal or greater to the game’s price (which is going to be around $20) will get the game sent to them via e-mail (or some other way to be arranged in the future), sent by myself. And those who had supported with an amount equal to double the price will get an extra version with some extra stuff. In both cases the game will be out for Patrons a little before than in the gaming platforms.

I think that is all i wanted to say for now, i have a lot to work on!
As always your support and feedback is appretiated so i can keep improving the game.
See you back in July!

Sidenote: i seem to have tracked the memory leak bug, but i need further testing to ensure that is definetly gone and not just randomly pop back in the future, so it wont be on 0.4!

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