Passive abilities are here!

Hello everyone, i hope you are having a great day.
i just wanted to announce that the 0.3C version is up on patreon which includes all the pasive abilities and many more stuff. (that at this time in very tired to point out, so im just gonna put the changelog and let you guys and girls surprise ourselves with it)
Also, Fap mode has been added, as a celebration for reaching my first 100 bucks in gamedev!

Check my Patreon to find more about this update, and if you enjoy the game, or like my work consider supporting me so i can improve it!
As always, feedback, bug reports, etc is welcome!



  • 0.3C
  • Booblick now correctly requires the top clothing to be removed, instead of the underwear.
  • Improved IA, it now should focus more on Foreplay and undressing in early game, and not undressing itself early by performing sex movement while the player arousal is low. The random wait time or the IA to do not spam attacks has been reduced by 33%, to account for the energy recovery when escaping.
  • Slightly increased lightning.
  • Fixed a bug where after using Counter, the opponent did less damage than intended.
  • Fixed a bug where Oral and Handjob animations were triggering less than expected, and did slightly less damage than intended.
  • Fixed a rare bug with the console displaying information for only 0.1 second.
  • Fixed a rare bug where using counter would undress the opponent.
  • Counter base CD changed to 125 seconds.
  • Critical strikes added! Every time a character uses the ability it has a 5% chance to score a critical domination, gaining 50% more domination.
  • Added a new Cheat: immortality: you gain the Undying buff for 15 seconds, preventing you from reaching over 90% extasis.
  • Removed buff for compensating abilities (now characters have their abilities!)
  • Added character abilities: Each character has his own passive ability, based on the personality of the character and his attributes. This should make the difference between playing different characters even bigger.
  • Added individual movement lists, Each character has his own list of 10 (5 foreplay, 5 sex) movements. -This will be noted as the amount of sex movements in the game increases –
  • Added one new female-starting – 5-stage- foreplay movement. (Titjob).
  • Added one new male-starting – 1-stage- foreplay movement. (Boob grab). This movement is on Max, Tyrone and Morgan’s movement list’s.
  • Tweaked some stats on the characters: for balance’s sake and not having overpowered characters. (some synergies were too good).
  • Addded some new idle animations. Each character will display a idle animation based on his or her personality.
  • Added some new Victory and Defeat animations. These will display randomly at the end of the match.
  • Fixed a bug that caused speed reduction and escape value to get reduced to be triggered every time domination changes.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Short game to finish early sometimes.
  • Fixed a import-error on Doggystyle, with the girl dissapearing while cumming.
  • Properly adjusted Selection screen portraits. (previously they were slightly moved to the left).
  • Added access to the tutorial panel in the pause menu, just in case someone might need it.
  • Added a debuff when spamming (used more than once every 10 seconds) resist: it lowers the characters Resistance stacking up to 10 times and refreshing its duration if spamming.
  • Fixed a possible small memory leak in a particular situation.
  • note: Since the IA is smarter now, the game may be slightly more difficult.
  • Added Fap mode: As a celebration for reaching the first 100 bucks, i added Fap mode way earlier than intended. Fap mode is a difficulty setting, which increases all the stats in 45%, removes the quick time events, and also makes escaping easier!

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