Passive Abilities Coming next!

Hello everyone!
I have been working on the game, and im pretty close to finish the passive abilities.
i dont wanna do a long post, so i will just share the essentials:
Every character will have one passive ability that will stay always active, or give a big buff over 10-15 seconds when triggered.
This should further differentiate characters and playstyles.

Other thing i worked and fixed it, was the IA, the IA should now be smart again, i essentially de-nerfed it, so the game may be a little harder, not much, but the IA will no longer remove her clothing unless it is in a “sex to win” position.

The important thing of the post: Saturday 22th of june i will be uploading the 0.3C with the abilities and improved IA and faster loading times!
If things go very well i might be able to upload one day before, but i had a hard week of work, so im unsure about that.


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