Public Version 0.3b!

Hello everyone,

After some internall testing of a few things, and trying to implement a fix to a strange bug in loading times i finally uploaded the 0.3b public version!

Keep in mind that this is a test build, So i will fix anything broken, or that’s not working correctly in a few days. But for that i will need that everyone that finds a bug or similar reports it so i can fix it.

I really wanna thank Emeline that has been helping me with the character textures on these last days. 

There is also cheats now for the Platinum coin tier. I accept any suggestions as to what kind of cheats would people like to get, excluding gallery-mode, because that is something different that will come in the -not short- future.

I finally added the Weakness and resistance system. It is working perfectly. I tought i have explained it a lot of times, so im gonna be reaaaaaaaaaaaally short here:

Every character has a weakness, while participating in a movement of the type, it takes 25% more arousal, and 10% more extasis. If the characeter is resistant is the opposite, it takes 25% less arousal and 10%less extasis.  It is usefull to keep in mind, but in the end the biggest modifier is the domination!

There are 8 types of sex movement:

Handjobs, Oral, Breastplay(includes almost everything focused on boobs),Seduction , Missionary style, Doggystyle, MountingStyle (cowgirl style basically), and Other (everything that is not on the previous, like ass slapping, and face sitting)

I hope the games runs smooth for everyone, but it may require to lower the specs if not, it now has a little bit more of requirement because of all the improved lightning and postprocessing and stuff.

Anything you like, or dont, just comment here, feedback is welcome!

If you enjoy the game, and wanna play with all the characters consider subscribing and supporting me on Patreon, that way i can dedicate more time to develop games and improve in the quality of the products, aswell as deliver it sooner.

I also made a Poll on patreon asking who is your favorite character, this may help developing future characters.


EDIT: i forgot to put the link.

Changelog below 😀

Repacked audio to reduce loading time.
Optimized level change code to reduce to chance of errors. (should be 0)


corrected a small visual bug in  the pantyhose.

Added Cheats to the game!. In order to enter the code for cheats, you have to press 0 (zero) and a small window will open, then you have to use the directional input (either WASD or Arrows) to put the secret code.! (available at Patreon on Platinum coin tier!)

Once the code is accepted, three extra buttons will appear: Heal (heals you for 25% of max extasis), Escape (increases your escape value to 74, pressing the escaping key will allow to instantly escape), and All stats +1 (which does what it says, increases all your stats by 1). These buttons have no energy cost nor cooldown, feel free to spam them as you like!.

Reworked lightning: Added high definition render pipelines. This system enables for better rendering of lights and materials, but it has a little bit of performance cost.

Added Spotlights for the character faces: if you think the new lightning obscures the faces of the characters too much, check this toggle to have small spotlights on the character’s faces to light them up a little.

Optimized previos performance: In order to account for the increased performance cost of the new lightning the whole system got a optimization, and cleaned code.

Reworked Extra menu: Everything should be better and clearer now, difficulties and everything is explained.

Reworked boobscaling: Instead of modifying the boob size to a static value, now the boob scaling increases the boob size by a %. 

Independant boob size: Each character has her own boob size, which can be increased or decreased by a % by the boobscaling feature in extra menu.

Added Weakness and Resistance system to the game.

Changed bars alpha to be semi-transparent.

Reworked maximum interval times for -damage- , should be around 15-20% faster, and now it cannot supass 1.4 seconds (at the lowest speed), nor the 0.35 seconds mark (at the fastest speed).

Improved (with the help of Emeline) the textures for some of the girls, they have a better face-drawn and makeup. To see which of the versions people prefer i will be opening a voting poll to check if they prefer girls with makeup, or withouth makeup (the new girls are almost with no makeup).

Added Morgan “Blackbeard” to the game!.

Added Natalie “nat” to the game!.

Added Alessa “The danger” to the game!.

Added Brianna “The Flowerbomb” to the game!.

Added Nisa “The lotus” to the game!.

Added Two new female-starting foreplay movements. (footjob and facesit).

Added Two new female-starting sex movements. (Legtrap Missionary, and Sitting Doggystyle).

Added one new male-starting sex movement. (Standing Doggystyle).

Added the possiblity to hide all the UI elements. This is mainly for internal testing and taking screenshots. Using button 7 from the upper keyboard you may hide all the UI. Tap 7 again to bring it  back!.

Added small buff +15% to all damage, to account for the lack of special abilities, this will be removed once the passive abilites come ingame. Game lenght should be the same.

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