Quick update on the Demo and QoL changes.

Hello everyone, im back. I been reading the forums, and messages sent to me, and i have realized that i made a mistake. I am left handed, so using WASD for me is completely natural, and i forgot about the right handed people. So on this quick kinda updated i changed some stuff in order to make everything simplier and better.
Changelog and updated controls are down below.
On the next major patch, which is gonna be around end of month, or first days of next month, there will be more playable characters, both for the player and the enemies.
There is also a weakness system: every character is gonna be weak to one (or more) types of sex attacks, which may include: Oral, Doggy, Missionary, Handjob, etc.

I hope you guys and girls enjoy the game, and as always comment if something doesnt work, or is bugged, or if you liked it, im very happy to receive feedback so i can improve the game


Download link for Kinky Fight Club v0.1c.


Changelog V 0.1C

Quality of life changes!
> Mouse can now be used while in menues.
> Cursor design added!.
> Fixed visual bug in Video Quality settings menu.
> Fixed small bug in Short mode that caused Damage to go below 0 and heal the enemy for a few seconds.
> Domination bar has been modified for a easier understanding : the blue side represents the player domination, the violet side represents the enemy domination.
> Added more keys, and enabled the system for future configuration.
> Arrow keys can now be used for navigating and quick time events.
> Space bar, and Numeral 5 can now be used as a accept button (same functionality as E key).
> Grapple button (Q) can also be done with numeral key 1.
> Escape keys Z and X, can also be done with numeral keys 2, and 3 respectively.

Key configuration is scheduled for next major patch.

Updated controls (0.1c)
W or Up arrow > Up
S or Down arrow > Down
A or Left arrow> Left
D or Right arrow > Right
E, Spacebar or *5 > Action, accept
Z and X or *2 and *3 > Escape from Sex movements.
Q or *1 > While Grapple special attack is active increases domination.
H > Open/close the Tooltip Tab
ESC > Pause
C > Change camera. There are 4 cameras, While using Camera 2 (free camera)
You may move the camera with these keys:
I > Up
K > Down
J > Left
L > Right
U > Zoom in
O > Zoom out.

*These keys are with the numeric pad on the right to the keyboard.

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