Proper introductions.

Hello everyone, i wanted to do an introduction and speak a little about the game, i was in such a hunry to post the first beta that i barely wrote anything about it. So here we go!

Kinky Fight Club:

Engage in sex-combat with KYFC girl Maia in this first beta of KYFC. Combine different abilities to dominate Maia and make her come before you do to win, or fail and be dominated by the sexy fighter girl.
>>> Game made from scratch in Unity, allowing to develop into any possible outcome, and limited like RPGmaker, or VN styles.
>>> Three different styles for the main girl to choose from.
>>> Different boob sizes to choose from.
>>> 6 original fully animated one-stage foreplay movements.
>>> 10 original fully animated five-stages sex movements.
>>> For a total of 56 unique original animations. Each animation includes its own cum animation.
>>> Three different difficulty settings.
>>> Undress your opponent just enough to be able to fuck her, or get her (or you) completely naked!.
>>> Unpredictable IA, becoming completely reckless or defensive ( or anywhere between) at any time during the match, ensuring that no match is ever the same.
>>> Abilities with cooldowns to use strategically to dominate the sex fight.

This is version 0.1 of the game, there is much more stuff to come in future versions, including more girls, many more fully animated sex moves, including another fetishes like boob jobs, foot jobs, etc. More abilities, stat leveling, unique special sex moves per character, and obviously, the game campaign (story mode). I hope everyone enjoys my little game, it took a lot of time and effort over the last months.

And now, some Images!

Max and Maia, outside the club.

Dominate your way to the victory.

Or became dominated…


Published by Mr.Z

A gamedev who enjoys making adult games.

2 thoughts on “Proper introductions.

  1. wow, the quick time events are way to difficult XD and they mess up with the menu selection…
    I’d suggest making the menu more clear as in… make the currently selected option BRIGHTER
    put small marks on the energy bar so you know exactly when you’re at 25, 50, 75, etc. or maybe on increments of 5, 10… make things clear for your players
    this things are done in like… 30 minutes of your time
    interesting game! I’m going to closely follow the development! meow!

    1. i just saw your comment, sry didnt respond before.
      im updating some stuff for next version which will be up in a week, im gonna make the easy mode a bit easier by giving the player more time to input the sequence.
      the thing about the menu selection was kind of a bug, that im working right now, in the next version whenever something changes it will save the current selection, so when you are back to that menu you will have the same thing selected.

      i havent tought about marking in energy, i will definetly look into that!

      thanks for taking the time to write this up!!!

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