Voting Poll for Future Content!

Hello everyone!

Im making another Research post!
This time is about the kind of content that you enjoy and would like to see more in the game. (either Kinky Fight Club or my next game).

It is a public post, so you can just go and vote, there is no need to pay or anything.

Just give me your opinion, so i can find out how to keep improving the game.
(Yes, i take player feedback very seriously :D)

You can also join me on Discord to vote in the NSFW for the next 5 sex movemnts to be added to the game. Go to the NSFW and click on the Hearts in the images to vote for the ones you want! (Or you can propose some more moves with some nice images!)

That’s all.

Have fun, stay safe, and ill see you soon!

PS: Next update coming around 13th May.

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A gamedev who enjoys making adult games.

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