Version 0.4C

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful day!

It’s been a very busy week, but finally the 0.4c version is here!

What’s new?
First, i have improved the render pipelines and made a lot of optimization, now the game should run two or three times better, which enables in the future to add some performance-heavy improvements for those with better rigs, and also enables a lot more of PC to run the game.

Also added the Color variants, Every costume now has 2 color variations, which can be selected on the Character Selection Screen.  For opponents in arcade mode, it will be randomized before every fight.

Added a new Character: Diego! a powerful latino with a Burning Desire to beat their opponents!

Also There are two new animations: Turtle Doggystyle and Ground Spanking.

There are some more small additions, but everything is on the changelog below.

We are so close to get to 250, if you have a friend or know someone, please help me sharing so we can end the month at 250 with the goal completed! This helps me by allowing me to work more hours on the game per month, and thus increasing both the workflow and the amount of content i can make.

You can find the Lastest verion on my patreon at

If you like what you saw please consider supporting me or spreading the word as it really helps me and the game!




  • Random selection enabled again. it was disabled for internal testing, then i forgot to re-enable it.
  • Added a new 5-stage sex movement: Turtle doggystyle (name may be changed in future if i find a better name). This movement can be started both by male and female characters!
  • Added a new 1-stage male-starting foreplay movement: ground spanking. 
  • The movement Hugfuck can now be used by female characters with that movement on their list. (previously it was male-only).
  • Corrected a small tag error on Lifted missionary (female version).
  • Changed some of the male characters weakness and resistances for balance. No weakness or resistance is repeated between males so far.
  • Added Diego! a new male character, whose ability is to deal damage fast, however he’s not good for loong matches.
  • Added a color variant to all characters on the game! This can be selected on the character selection menu. Enemies in arcade mode also have randomly assigned their costume color variant on each match.
  • Added a new -underboob- tatoo to Alesa!
  • Changed Unity’s render pipelines system: now it should have a great performance boost on older computers, and will enable to possiblity for visual upgrading in the future. Thanks to Poppedri for talking me about this upgrade!
  • There might be a small visual difference in some stuff, but there is now a great performance increase overall.
  •  Added a tutorial image for key bindings in the main menu.
  • Solved a issue related to memory leak.

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