Upgrading Graphics, and a poll.

Hello everyone, i had some spare time on the weekend, and i tought of working in the game. I didnt had expected to work on the graphics part for a little while (because i have other things as priorities for the game), but i wasnt really happy with the lights to be honest. They look okey, but i didnt wanted to wander too much into that part because i dont really have much knowledge about lights and stuff. However i have a tendency to sometimes look for things to improve and do some search, long story short, i ended watching tutorials about HPR, and so i spent the whole saturday and half of the sunday working on lights. So here is the thing it looks better, but different, and i wanna see what do you guys and girls think .

Classic looks.
Improved lights

Which one do you preffer? These upgrades have minor impact in the game performance, and im able to play in ultra at 60 FPS in a – 4 year old , decent notebook – so, i dont think that upgrading will cause major issues in performance to more people.

It would really help me if you take time to vote either here or on Patreon. so i know what most of the players like, if the new more -realish lighting- or the old more -comic- lighting style.
The pros about the new lightning style is that it gives a better difference in materials, cotton, rubber and latex look really different from each other and the materials can be more appretiated.
The cons is that it darkens the characters a little and makes shadows over the faces of characters with hair.

Either result the upcoming data for the next patch will still be around 15/6, with a patch one week later to correct bugs/implement fixes. It will still include the weakness and resistance system, some more moves and maaaaybe another character or two.

Tell me what do you think!


PS: ignore the fact that Max is wearing a wig, he wanted to know what having hair feels like.

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