An update of whats to come

Hello everyone, its been a busy week, but i managed to get done a lot of the work that i had for the next version, which im going to be uploading around the 23 to 26 of this month.
I still have a lot to do, this update is very big, because i had to redo some of the basic system in order to enable the character selection, and i had to code it in a way that i can use it in the future. In other words, i did some of the work that i had to do for this version and some work that i will need for future versions, because they were linked essentially.
I finished with the coding part for this update, mostly, and now im going to work into the shaping and indexing part.

Whats to come in the 0.2 version?

Character Selection: players will be able to pick the character they want to play (only males for now), and the enemy they want to go agaisnt. (only females for now).
More Characters: Three more male characters will be added to the game, each one with his own costume, and three more female characters will be added to the game, and each will include her own costume.
Attributes: 5 stats are added to the game, showing each characters strengths and weak spots. i will talk this in more detail once the beta is up.
Revamped the damage-system: now attributes impact the game, and most of what happens in the game number-wise , is based on the attributes.
Weakness and Resistance (this is not sure to get into the first version of 0.2 because of time constraints). Each character will have resistance to some type of sex movements, while at the same time it will be weak agaisnt others. Taking less (if resistant), or more (if weak) arousal every second!.

That seems to be the biggest features, there are some bug fixes, and a cool character selection screen, but i will show all those things the next week.

Have a wonderfull night everyone!
Also i have a Patreon, in case you liked my game and wanna supports its development!


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