We are live!

Welcome everyone!. I am Mr. Zed and this is my new (and first) blog. Im gonna use this space to talk about, discuss, and promote all the games im gonna make over the years. Im very close to finish the first beta for my first game.

I have started some months ago working in a game, starting from scratch using Unity engine (which means its fully scripted by itself and not just a RPGmaker copypaste, or any generic VN). and it took aloooot of time and effort, but in a few days i might be able to put it online for everyone to test  it, and play it.

What kind of game it is? well it plays as a RPG / Arcade. For now on the beta it is completely arcade, and within the next months more RPG stuff will be implemented. The name of the game is Kinky Fight Club, KYFC for short. It consist of a special night club where people participates in sex fights with its special rules.
ill be talking more about this in the future, Good night fellas!

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A gamedev who enjoys making adult games.

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