Will there be a Story?
Yes, Story mode will be added to the game on Release day!

Will my character’s appereance and sexuality modify the story?
Not per se, you can play with any skin tone/ethnicity/sex role( active, passive o mixed), and the only thing that will change is your opponents, which you will be able to choose!
All the story events are based on your choices and performance (win/lose ratio), in the game!

Can i play with the mouse?
Yes! it has been added complete mouse support.

When will the game be finished?
The expected release date is 29th September 2020.

Why dont you just make the game free?
Because i need to eat in order to make a game! I actually been working over 3000 hours on this game, and that’s time that i didn’t spent working in any other thing!

Can i play as a girl?
Yes, you can play with any of the Characters in the game, and if you got the Patreon beta, you can even customize your characters!

I dont understand the “Active” and “Passive” roles!
Essentially, Active role means that your character will use its own dick (or Strap-on, if it is a girl and isn’t futa), to have sex with the opponent.
While Passive role means that your character will not use its dick/strap-on (if it has), but instead will interact with the opponent’s dick/strap-on, to arouse it!
If both characters are using the Passive role, then if they are girls they will perform yuri (lesbian) movements, without strap-ons/dicks.

Does the race/body type of my character affect the game?
Not at all, big boobs or small boobs, any skin tone, or etnicity is the same inside the game!

Will there be Bodysliders for bigger characters?
Not right now, it may be added in the future, after the release of the game, as it is a lot of work to add it, sadly.

Does the game include Futa?
Yes, however, it is completely optional, you can disable Futa in the Extras menu.
If any female character wants to use active movements, it will use a Strap-on.

Will there be yaoi/yuri?
Yes! There are several F/F and M/M animations, aswell to Futa on male, Futa on Futa, and, essentially all possible combinations!

I dont want my character to be penetrated!
Your character can never be penetrated if you chose your opponents to use the Passive Role.

Will there be furry?
Not right now, if there is enough demmand i may do a special -standalone- version with different characters.

Where can i report any bug?
You can report bugs here, in the discord channel, or in the Patreon page!

Why there are no punches?
Kinky Fight Club is about Sex-fights, not physical fights. There is no punching or kicking in Kinky Fight Club, as that is not considered valid in the rules of the competition! (even through some people may find this attractive it is not in the concept or interest of the game to include them).

What is Neko mode?
When activated Neko mode makes all the 30 base characters to have Cat/Bear/Bunny/Fox ears! It doesn’t affect gameplay at all.

I managed to screw the Keybindings and now i cannot open menues, how do i reset them?
Open the Registry Editor (type Regedit in the windows bar), and look for the folder named Software, and inside there should be a folder called Mr.Z . Delete that folder and everything should be back to the defaults.

I still don’t understand the Passive and Active Roles, Help!
If you want to have a Male character use his dick to fuck a girl (and the girl do not penetrate him) then set your Male characters as ACTIVE, and the female character as PASSIVE.

If you want to have a Male character use his dick to fuck a girl, and the girl fuck him back aswell, you can set his role as ACTIVE (or mixed), and the female character as ACTIVE (or mixed).

If you want to have a Female character use her pussy to fuck a male character’s dick, set her role as PASSIVE, and the male character as ACTIVE.

If you want to have a Female character use a Strap-on (or a futa dick) to fuck another female (or a male) character who will not use their dick/strap to fuck it back, then set the first character to ACTIVE, and the second character as PASSIVE.

If you want to have two female characters not using any dicks or strap-ons, you can set both of them as PASSIVE.
If you want to have two male (or female with strap-ons, or futas) to fuck each other using their dicks, you can set them both as ACTIVE.

Lastly a character with the MIXED role will have both ACTIVE and PASSIVE moves, sometimes giving and sometimes taking!

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