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QuickFix to 09A!

Hello everyone!

I hope you are having a wonderful day!

I just updated the Kinky Fight Club game with a small quickfix.

I had 2 errors that were product of me failing to write the name of the animations properly. I guess i should rest a bit more to avoid these silly mistakes that screw things around.

I updated the Patreon Post with the Download links  

Thanks to everyone that reported stuff!

Have a great week, i will keep working on Story mode and more features for the next months release!

And that’s all.
im trying my best to finish everything as smoothly and polished as possible!

Also i have a big surprise for early september for you fellas!

Thanks to everyone for your support, you make this possible!

Stay safe, keep playing, and have fun!


PS: I will make a post soon regarding the Game’s release in end of september, the future plans, and all that thingies!

Changelog Quickfix:

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