The Good, the bad and the news!

Hello everyone!

Today i bring news! Some good, and some bad…

Bad news first:

I been working over the last months with a writter guy, and everything was going very good, until his notebook decided to stop working, we managed to get the thing fixed, but it took almost 3 week (because in Argentina getting computer parts is a luxury almost). 

After getting the notebook we are working as fast as we can to stay in schedule, but the only way to bring a decent product will be to delay the launch. Don’t worry, it’s only 2 weeks, to recover the lost time. So the FINAL release date for the game is september 29th!

Im sorry folks, but crunching to get a game done in time is never the solution, and we are still very small to have “backup computers” as some big ass game dev studios.

The Good news:

Im setting up something nice for september, and i can’t tell much details for now, but i guarantee you are going to be love it (if you like the girls in the game!)

Another thing that is coming is a Soundtrack with 8 different songs to change to listen while you play, the girl that is making the Soundtrack is almost done, and everything will be in-game (with a small radio to change unwanted songs) in the August update.

I have also started pre-production of the Next Project once Kinky Fight CLub is finished, and i been writting a lot and making good progress. Starting on August i will start taking the sundays to work on the next project so i can have a tech demo to showcase on november.

But the next game is going to be big!

Im also going to be recruiting more developers to help me work on the project as soon as the budget enables me!

And the last notice i have is that this month’s update is coming soon and there will be a Vtuber starring as our Guest Character!

Update is coming on 15-17th, and since now i have a amazing group of Bug-Hunters, this month’s update shouldn’t need a quickfix like on previous months.

And that is all, have a nice day, stay safe, enjoy the game, support me if you aren’t already, and have fun!

Also my birthday is on saturday and ill be turning 30!


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