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September-half update!

Hello everyone!

I hope you are having a nice day! I have been working on the game a little extra the last week to rush up the game so i can deliver the second part of the Female on Female action. You can now play with a girl vs a girl (while both being in a passive role, so no dicks at all!)

I wanted to put the game a bit earlier because on the next week i will have to go out to work as a trainer for 8-12 hours/day, each day. So by delivering the game now, i will be able to cover the game and fix anything not working as expected in the next 72 hours. With that out, this update adds a lot of new animations! Now there are animations for most forms of dickless female on female action. However, this works in a different way: Whenever you pick two female characters in the Passive role, they will get the usual movements ,but instead of the movement you are using, a F/F movement will be used, but the name of the ability will be the old one. Whenever both characters are female and on passive role: Any Missionary-style movement will instead trigger: Missionary Scissor. Any Doggystyle movement will instead trigger: Doggystyle Scissor. Any Cowgirl-Style  movement will instead trigger: Cowgirl Scissor. The same will go for different forms of foreplay movements that lack the F/F counterpart on themselves.

Another important change i made, this one was suggested by the patrons and is something i haven’t tought on it before. Sometimes the simpliest things escape my mind, that’s why i love when i get feedback! This new feature is being rewarded for playing rather than just from wining. Whenever you lose a match you will still earn 50% of the reward. In order to balance this, Easy and Medium difficulty give more coins now! Is this system possible exploitable? yes. Should i remove it and penalize all players who prefer to be submitted into oblivion because of that? hell no.

Also there is a new feature that i added after some players told me they didnt enjoy too much the “grind”. I still dont think that the game is necesarily grindy, as you dont really need any of the extra stuff to be able to win, but nonetheless, this feature also works with the new one: Whenever you get a third win during the same game session you gain an extra +30 coins in that match! Also whenever you get a third loss during the same game session you gain an extra +30 coins in that match!

Keep in mind that these are counted separately, so two wins and one lose wont get you the extra coins, its 3 wins or 3 loses, so whatever you do, just by playing you eventually get stuff! Also, Losing is not the same as surrendering. Surrendering wont give any coins.

There is also three more small thingies:

Now the status of the Help tab will remain while in the same gaming session: if you close it, it will remain closed until you open it again or close the game. I feel like i should have added this months ago.

And now there are now two color for dildos/strap-ons on every character! The color of the dildo is linked to the color of the costume the character is using. So each girl now has her own custom-color strap-on! Now the random selection can select any character, not only males for player and females for enemies, but is 100% random!

Finally there is a new character: Damien “The NightSpanker” (i feel more proud for that nickname than what i should heh) With his nickname there is no need for a bigger intro, but watch out, because his spanking skills turn on her opponents waay faster than expected!

And i think that is all. The next update (discounting any update to fix things in the next 72 hours, which i hope is not needed). will include the customization option, or thats what im hopping for, however, it may not be early october, but rather around the 14-15th, as making the customization is one of the most complicated parts. Not the part of characters using clothing, as i can make any character wear any clothing in-game, however,  changing those outfits on runtime and essentially making the whole user-interface for that is what is, not too difficult, but it is reeeeally dense work, as there is a lot of assign-stuff-manually. Also if i get to make it in time i will add the third costume, im like at 40% done right now, and if i dont have to fix anything i will work on that during this weeks. And that’s all. 

As always if you want to support me you can go to , there you can get the lastest update and help me get more hours working on the game each month! All of the help and support really means a lot for me, as right now i have worked over 1000 hours on the game, and im hopping to be able to work a lot more in the game. If you can’t support me with money, then retweeting or helping me getting the game be noticed will also help! It may be something small to you, but for me is huge! As starting in the gamedev world is reallly hard.

So, thats all, Cheers!

There will be a public version kinda soon.

—Changelog— 0.6c

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