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Arcade mode is here!

Hello everyone!

I have taken the last few days to focus on the game and postpone some rl work, because i wanted to wrap up arcade mode in a day, instead of many short-work times.
I have included many -testing- features for the game, and improved several other.
One of the new features that i want to try on this version and get some feedback is the

Lustful debuff
: After five minutes in a match, both characters take 40% more extasis from foreplay movements, and every minute after, all the extasis taken is increased by 10%, stacking.

What is the purpose of this? essentially after five minutes, any kind of movement becomes usefull to end the match, and it represent when someone is really -lustful- and wants tu cum, so it will be easier to finish off opponents with movements of the type oral, handjob,titjob, etc. Still using penetration (sex) movements is roughly 15% more effective. After each minute both characters will take 10% more extasis from all sources, so the matches cannot go extremely long, even if one of the characters is playing very defensive.

Arcade mode is currently operational, but there may have been some hidden bugs, i haven’t found, if you happen to find one, or something isnt working just tell me, and i will upload a fix in 72 hours (or less if possible).

Currency: Coins have been added to the game, right now they serve no purpose other than collecting them, when the shop is added they will be used for unlocking extra stuff.

I have added and fixed a lot of stuff, check the changelog below to see everything that happened on the last 15 days regarding the game.

The cheats for the 0.4 version have changed! and there is something important about that:
There are two cheat codes now:
The usual code for cheats, that once input it will enable the cheat buttons to appear, but will reduce the amount of coins per match to 1.
and the Money cheat, which when entered you will see a small coin on the bottom of the screen displaying that the cheat is indeed active and all coin rewards will be increased by 25% for this fight.
For the next version im going to make that once the money cheat has been put it will keep on until the game is turned off. Right now you may need to put it on every fight.
The money cheat, is something totally optional , and a way to express my thanks for the patrons who support me in that tier. The coins will only be used for cosmetic or extra effects, not for anything that is gameplay related, this is not a pay to win game.

i dont want to make the post very long, so check the changelog below for the lastest news!
If something isnt working please report it so i can fix it, and i will probably upload a fix in 72 hours.

The 0.4version is ready to download for the Silver coin tier on Patreon! There will be a public version in the future, but not before the end of july.

As always if you like the game, you can support me on Patreon so i can keep devoting my time to improving the game, and adding more content.


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