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First Beta is UP!

Hello everyone, here is the first beta for Kinky Fight Club!.
I hope everyone likes it, here are some Screenshots.

Im gonna make a post later with the Roadmap for this game, and the future stuff to come. For now it plays as an Arcade RPG. 
The keys for movement between menues era the following:
W > Up
S > Down
A > Left
D > Right
E > Action, accept
ESC > Pause
H > Open/close the Tooltip Tab
C > Change camera. There are 4 cameras, While using Camera 2 (free camera)
You may move the camera with these keys:
I > Up
K > Down
J > Left
L > Right
U > Zoom in
O > Zoom out.

Version 0.1. is the first version of this beta to come online, there are many more to come in the future.
Please share the game as much as you can!.

If you find any bugs please report them to me, so i can fix them ASAP.

There are two minor bugs that i couldnt fix yet.

nº1 is when clicking with the mouse, if you have the Help panel active (H)<br> you may lose your ability to select stuff, if that happens tap H to <br> deactivate the help pannel and click after. that should fix it.

nº2 is in the options menu the Quality and Resolution displayed are the smallest<br>
but, those are not the ones actually being used. You can change them at any time<br>
but when you reset the game it will show those numbers, independently of<br>
what the actual resolution is.

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